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Here are some common questions about Sekanyolya.

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What security systems services do you offer?

Fencing systems, access control systems, surveillance systems, detection systems, automated gates and barriers, integrated security system.


Does the cost for an automatic sliding gate system include the cost of the gate?

No, it does not. We come and install the automation on an already existing gate

Are all free-standing fences electric?

Yes, all free-standing fences are electric. It’s only Razor wire that has the option of electric and non-electric fence?

Do I need a backup battery for the electric razor wire?

Yes you do, the system comes with an inbuilt backup battery in case of power cuts.

What happens to my electric razor wire automatic gate and traffic barriers when there is a power shortage?

All our systems come with inbuilt backup batteries which will cater for power cuts for up to 48hrs.


Do you charge for surveys of my property?

Surveys for property are free of charge for Kampala and the outskirts such as; Mukono, Entebbe, Mityana. Places like Jinja, Masaka e.t.c. come at a cost which we deduct on the final figure if the client buys from Sekanyolya.

Who takes measurements for the fences before installation of any Sekanyolya products?

Sekanyolya staff will take measurements before installing of the security products.

What is the minimum number of security camera that I can install on my property?

The is no minimum or maximum number as this will depend on how big one’s house is and for what purpose they want the cameras for. We would have to carry out a survey first to establish how many are required.

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